Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful answers to some common questions about the studio

Birthday Party?

In the Michaels /JoAnn’s way of doing parties, no we do not.  However if you would like to schedule a specific class for a group of children or adults then we can do that.   Look at the class schedule to see what type of classes that we teach and then call the studio to schedule a special class/party for your group.

What is Drop-In Studio

Open/drop-in studio time is a chance you for you to come work on one of your projects and use Inspiration’s equipment.  An example would be you took a papermaking class and fell in love with making paper but you don’t want to buy the equipment ($60 + dollars) to continue making paper.  Pay either the 3 hour or full day studio fee ($10 or $15.00 respectively) and use Inspiration’s papermaking equipment.  Plus you don’t have to store the equipment or clean up the mess.

Quilting and Knitting Bees

Inspiration’s welcomes all sorts of bees to the studio.  Call ahead and we can schedule a specific time and depending on the size of your group, you may qualify for a costs break on the studio fees.  Remember that we have equipment for quilting so you don’t have to bring the rotary mats, rulers, iron or ironing board.